The Notepad: Scarf Style Hacks

It’s no secret that the right accessory has the power to transform an outfit completely, which is why a silk scarf, the most iconic seasonal accessory, is the way to go! This versatile piece of cloth can be worn a number of times, instantly magnifying your ensemble with print and colours. Here are 6 scarf style hacks to make your summer look super fun!

No Belt, No Problem!

No belt? No problem! A silk scarf will have you covered. Tying a scarf around your waist is the perfect alternative to belts and adds so much more character to your outfit at the same time!

The Wrist Band

I love this cute accessory. Keep the silk scarf folded and just wrap it around your wrist. Dress it up by wearing a cute dress or just a basic tee and jeans – you can really take this style hack from day to night.

The Double Knot

We’ve all been inspired by the 90s and its revival has definitely brought with it the comeback of the choker, which many have adapted with a silk scarf. Simply wrap it around your neck once or twice and secure it with a small knot. Leave the tips hanging or in a bow and voila!

The Headband

I personally love this one. The best way to wear this is when the third day dreaded blowout phase is on. Just wrap the scarf around your head and secure it in a knot. You can tie a bow or leave the tips hanging. Either way it’s cute and reflects major 70s vibes.


Add a touch of femininity to your look by wrapping a silk scarf around your hair bun or pony tail and instantly get holiday ready! Pair it up with hoop earrings and you’ll definitely look like you’re on vacation.

Belt It Up

Give your outfit a quirky vibe by wrapping a belt around it. This simple and easy look is perfect for the summer. PS. you don’t have to worry about repeating an outfit again because it’ll look so different every time with this style hack!

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