PM Mulk inaugurates Jamsheed Marker Hall in foreign ministry

ISLAMABAD: Interim Prime Minister Justice (R) Nasirul Mulk on Monday visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and inaugurated the Jamsheed Marker Hall during his visit.

The inauguration came as a gesture to pay tribute to the late veteran diplomat Jamsheed Marker. On the occasion, PM Mulk addressed the audience about numerous contributions Marker made to the country.

“Jamsheed Marker not only witnessed the formative phase of Pakistan but also played a key role in some of the decisive phases of the country’s evolution for over seven decades,” said the interim premier. “Ambassador Jamshed Marker served Pakistan with distinction in numerous countries including Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, Washington, New York and Geneva.”

Diplomatic doyen Jamshed Marker passes away

He added that Marker was listed in the Guinness World Record as having been ambassador to more countries than any other person.

During the speech, the caretaker PM also took the opportunity to show gratitude towards the late ambassador’s professional acumen, optimism, compassion, infinite faith in the nation, and a range of abilities that drove him to serve and promote Pakistan’s national interest.

He especially addressed his family members and daughters who were present at the ceremony and said Marker was “an outstanding diplomat and a patriotic Pakistan who will always rank among the giants of this country”.

On June 21, veteran Pakistani diplomat Jamsheed Marker passed away in Karachi. He was 95 at the time of his death.



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