Three-day training organised

ISLAMABAD: Honey Bee Research Institute and National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) collectively organised a three day training course on “Management of honeybee colonies for quality honey production and pollination of crops.” The course was organised in collaboration with National Tea and High Value Crops Research Institute (NTHRI) Shinkiari, Mansehra.

The objectives of this course include capacity building of beekeepers, farmers, extension workers, foresters, students, scientists and staff of NARC,NTHRI and the local community regarding domestication and management of honeybee colonies. Moreover they also include their seasonal management and control of honeybee ecto-parasitic mites and other different pests and diseases. Lastly, it aims to educate the participants and raise awareness among them about different hive products (beeswax, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly), as well as, different honey quality parameters and quality queen rearing methodologies.  

Published in The Express Tribune, July 3rd, 2018.

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