PML-N forms electoral alliance with JUI-N

Former PM Jamali says PML-N policies turned Balochistan into ‘Pathanistan’

PML-N senator says March 23 holds key role in independence

Slamming BAP, the PML-N leader said, “The BAP president hails from a respectable family and his grandfather supported all initiatives taken for the welfare of Balochistan.

PML-N fails to find a candidate for CM

PPP will support BNP-M candidates of NA-272, PB-51 seats, while the former’s aspirants will get help for PB-39, PB-50

  • PTI decides not to end alliance with JI for now

    Decides not enter into any alliance or seat adjustment with JI or MMA in the next elections at any level

  • Former CM Zehri accuses Mengal of toppling his democratic govt

    Slams BNP-M chief for forming electoral alliance with JUI-F in Khuzdar

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