6 grooming essentials for Pakistani men

KARACHI: Be it a crisp white shalwar kameez or a fancy jacket with a pair of worn out jeans – it just takes a few essential pieces to make your wardrobe appealing. So, all desi boys out there, take note! Here is a list of six grooming essentials to add an oomph factor to your everyday looks.

1. Suit up in one solid colour


There’s nothing more mandatory than having a single coloured shalwar kameez in your cupboard. Be it the quintessential brown or navy blue, solid colours are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. You can pair your choice of colour with black dress shoes or leather Peshawari sandals if you want to opt for a traditional look.

2. A slim-fitting three piece


If you come to think of it, there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitted outfit. So, here are few tips to keep in mind when you’re purchasing suits. First things first: Colour. Choose your shade according to the weather. A dark suit compliments cold weather while a dull grey or a beige one will work better in summer season. Secondly, go for a three piece instead of a two piece. A waistcoat will give a more polished look and works well – but of course, depending on the fanciness of an occasion.

3. A fancy jacket


If you’re feeling a bit festive, you can choose a quirky jacket to add the wow factor! For instance, when Ali Zafar chose an Ali Xeeshan black velvet and gold jacket for his song in Coke Studio, we loved it. Or when Sheharyar Munawar opted for a bright pink, printed blazer, we were left floored.

4. A sharp haircut


Trust us on this one. There’s nothing more unattractive than a sloppy haircut. Always opt for a neat, clean cut. Bangs are so last century and a big NO NO! A good haircut makes all the difference, you guys.

5. Accessorise accordingly


A simple watch and belt are all you need to get through the day. Do not opt for fancy belts (because umm, nobody wants to see your Gucci bling!). Go for simple buckled belts and smart, leather shoes.

6. Spend an occasional day at a spa


Okay, so it’s high time we discuss the need for men to spend a relaxing day at the spa. Dear men, please be more inclined towards self-care and get a facial, a manicure and a pedicure every now and then. It’s not just obligated to women.

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