Dutch detain two suspected terrorists back from Turkey

Turkey to conduct more cross-border military operations in Syria

The men, both 23, allegedly joined the Islamic State group in 2014, but later decided they wanted to go back to the Netherlands. “They were on their way to a Dutch diplomatic post when they were arrested by Turkish authorities,” the NOS public newscaster said.

The men are appealing the sentence and were out on bail. They were given permission to travel to the Netherlands while awaiting the outcome of their appeal in Turkey, but at the same time they will also be put on trial by a local court, prosecutors said.

The pair will make a preliminary appearance before a Dutch judge later in the week, the prosecution statement said. Meanwhile the Dutch government also asked Kurdish authorities Tuesday to hand over three women who are currently being held in camps in northern Syria.

“Prosecutors are now waiting for a reaction from the Kurdish side,” the NOS said. Of around 280 people who have left the Netherlands since the start of Syria’s civil war in 2011 to join jihadist groups, about 185 were still in the region, the Dutch intelligence and security agency AIVD said.

Developments came on day Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Switzerland

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