'Dhak Dhak Goal' anthem gives football fanatics goosebumps

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, football mania is now at a fever pitch with fans around the world tuning to the biggest sports event of the year. Pakistani fans continue to express their love and passion for the game with every gasp and cheer that escapes their lips, every hour that they spend glued to the television and every fight that they pick up to root for their favourite player.

Though generally viewed as a cricket-loving nation, Pakistan boasts a sizeable majority of football fanatics, each with their own list of favourite leagues or teams. And while on most streets or grounds cricket reigns supreme, on closer inspection, you will still be able to find at least one or two places where youngsters come together for a game of football.

In such an atmosphere, it is no wonder that tournaments like the FIFA World Cup are so popular. And with such levels of enthusiasm, it only makes sense for brands to join in on the fun and stir things up a little. One of the ways in which this is done is through music. An anthem on the joys of playing football can really get your adrenaline levels pumping and can even take the shape of an anthem that fully displays the fervency and the passion that people have for the game.

One brand joined the bandwagon by releasing its own rendition of an international anthem that interlaces a colorful portrayal of Pakistani values and culture with an upbeat bhangra tune. However, when it comes to capturing the true spirit of football in Pakistan, no other brand has truly been able to pull it off like Chocolicious. This young brand took on the Goliaths head on by coming up with an anthem that has become bigger than the tournament itself in Pakistan.

The renowned chocolate chip cookie from the house of Peek Freans chocolicious recently launched its tribute to the global sport with the anthem ‘Dhak Dhak Goal’. It broke all records when it received more than 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours. Additionally, it was lauded as the anthem of choice for the tournament. The anthem encourages football fans to own the game and commends the will, determination, passion and perseverance of players to represent their country on the international stage. The anthem is definitely praiseworthy and is considered the best of the season.

Moreover, it celebrates the immense passion and sheer love that every Pakistani has for the sport and how it carries the power to bring communities together just as much as cricket does. A high energy anthem with a memorable chorus, Dhak Dhak Goal’ highlights fans’ ever-lasting love affair with football and puts the spotlight on the intense emotions that it creates.

It is a perfect blend of local flavour and contemporary rhythm that attempts to connect with people of all backgrounds. Visually, it is just as enticing with rich shots that encapsulate the passion for this game across countries, ethnicities, genders and socio-economic classes.The objective of this initiative is clear – to establish a relationship between the lovers of football and the game and commemorate its free-flowing spirit throughout the ages.

Additionally, it aims to connect with fans of every sport by tapping into an experience that each sports enthusiast recognises and relates to – a healthy competition between friends, the coveted experience of playing on the international stage and the unifying feelings of patriotism and community. The listeners can feel the palpable drive and ambition as the anthem injects in them the belief that they too have the ability to rise up and meet all challenges and ultimately emerge victorious; they too can be heroes of their own destiny.

The anthem, with its wide reach, has deservedly become the talk of the town. Peek Freans Chocolicious has singularly captured true essence of football- it is everyone’s game. It is not a game created by the elite, but a game that was born in the streets, in apartment courtyards, in barren fields, on top of household rooftops and in neon-lit futsal grounds.





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