Murad Ali Shah's candidacy challenged in SHC

HYDERABAD: The former Sindh chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah’s nomination for the electoral contest from PS-80 in Jamshoro district has been challenged in the Sindh High Court. The development follows the appellate tribunal’s turning down of the returning officer’s decision of rejecting Shah’s nomination.

The petitioner Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah, who heads the Sindh United Party, contended that Shah had submitted fake affidavits about his dual nationality in the 2008 and 2013 general elections. He only gave up his Canadian nationality in 2013.

The petitioner cited a Supreme Court order to argue that Shah stood disqualified. He urged the court to uphold the RO’s decision against Shah’s nomination while setting aside the tribunal’s order.

The SHC put on notice Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Provincial Election Commission (PEC) and the RO of PS-80 for July 12.

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