Information minister urges media to spread election awareness

QUETTA: Caretaker Balochistan Minister for Information Malik Khuram Shahzad has urged the electronic and print media to launch an awareness campaign to educate the people about the importance of vote in the country, especially in the remote parts.

“Through TV shows, the media should create awareness among the people and encourage them to vote, because it one of the strongest pillars of the country that has access across the country, particularly in remote areas,” said the information minister while addressing journalists regarding the media campaign on Thursday.

Balochistan information minister says free, fair elections need of the hour

On importance of voting, the interim minister said, “Casting vote is a national obligation. By using this power, people should come out on July 25 and vote for the electable who deserves to reach the parliament and strives for public rights.”

On media role, Shahzad said, “Media is the strongest platform from where the people can be persuaded to come out of their homes and vote.”

To a query regarding false news and campaign through social media, the minister said, “People spreading false election propaganda against their opponents will be dealt harshly.

“Though we have short time for election preparations, the caretaker government is utilising all resources at its disposal to hold elections in a peaceful environment.”

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