PR to import 20 diesel locomotives for hilly areas, Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Railways is planning to import 20 light weight diesel locomotives, particularly for hilly areas and Balochistan, in order to facilitate the passengers.

“The main purpose of locomotives is to enhance the performance of the transport sector of railways and allowing them to traverse mountainous terrains with steep gradient tracks easily,” sources in the Ministry of Railways said on Friday.

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However, he said the position had been substantially improved as tangible steps were taken by the management through allocation of additional funds for repair and upgrading of coaches.

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They said that currently railways had owned 455 locomotives of different horse power and was operating 110 passengers and 62 freight trains across the country.

The sources said railways had inducted as many as 145 new locomotives in the fleet during last five years to facilitate the passengers and generate more revenue for the department.

To another question, they said that railways decided to rehabilitate and modernise around 136 non-functional locomotives to improve the system and increase efficiency of the organisation.

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