Morality and politics

Political and personal life of politicians in Pakistan can never be told apart. As what’s personal is political and vice versa, more because it gives one’s opponents to spin off the circumstances or even incidents from a bygone era of one’s life to their own advantage with instances proving to be successful. However, moral obligations bind one to not to drag one’s personal life into the realm of work, yet to do so it’s important that the same is aware of the notions of ethics and morality towards their fellows.

Much like other local politicians, Imran Khan too time and again has cashed in on the life events of his biggest opponent Nawaz Sharif. Only a day ago, Khan accused the former PM of using his wife’s unstable medical condition to blackmail people and for gaining their sympathies. Regardless of Sharif’s intentions, the PTI chief has outdone himself by stooping even lower than his previous accusations.

How Khan was himself was exposed by the then MQM’s Babar Ghauri should have been enough to let him taste the humiliation one faces by having it all out there for millions to know. Yet accusing someone in the absence of substantial evidence is in fact more degenerating.

Yaseen Hashim


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