Man stabbed to death near Rawal Lake

ISLAMABAD: Police are on the lookout for suspects who stabbed a 37-year-old man to death near Rawal Lake. Police began their search after the body was spotted and shifted to the hospital on Saturday noon. An inspector of homicide unit told The Express Tribune that the body of Zafar Iqbal, the victim, was spotted near Kinara Park on the bank of Rawal Lake.

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“He had been stabbed in his chest. He was probably killed there overnight,” the officer said. A motorcycle bearing registration number RIP-6447 was parked nearby. Police believe the suspect might have invited and taken Bilal to the spot where they killed him.

When the police contacted his family, the victim’s wife said he had no previous animosity so she had no suspicions against anybody and thus she nominated no one in her complaint to the police. Secretariat police have registered a murder case against unidentified persons.

The victim was a resident of Tarlai in Islamabad.

Meanwhile, police have arrested a man who allegedly threw acid and injured his wife in Koral area on Friday. Police said Javed Akhtar, the suspect, threw acid and locked up his wife over some domestic dispute. He has been booked for attempted murder.

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In another case, two sweepers of the Foreign Office have been arrested for impersonating a magistrate and swindling a woman. According to the police, a woman from Lala Musa came to get her documents attested by the Foreign Office. An official told her that her documents needed to be first verified by a magistrate and that he could get them verified by a magistrate.

The woman paid him and the swindler returned the documents a while later. However, when she was told that the stamp on her papers was false, she complained to the Foreign Office officials and the police and identified the two men who had swindled her.

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