Was Alia Bhatt behind Ranbir Kapoor’s last break up?

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s relationship has become the talk of the town and their relationship is getting stronger day by day. But before dating each other, Ranbir and Alia were in a relationship with Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra respectively.

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Jagga Jasoos duo Ranbir and Katrina broke up back in 2016 which left many heartbroken. Moreover, several reasons for their breakup popped up and one report suggested that Alia was also one of them, reported Pinkvilla.

During a Vogue interview in 2016, Alia spoke about Ranbir and Katrina’s much publicised break up. “I read that I was the cause of the Ranbir-Katrina breakup. It was so ridiculous that I didn’t think it needed clarification,” stated the Brahmastra actor.


This was around the time Alia graced the publication’s cover then-boyfriend Sidharth. The Student of the Year stars were both still in love and sang praises for each other everywhere they went. Alia once said, “Sid and I… it’s not like we don’t hang out. We go to parties together, visit friends together and move around openly. But we are not trying to project an image here or trying to talk about our personal lives in the open. That’s not what we are here for.”


She continued, “When you go out and talk about your relationship openly, there are repercussions.” To this, Sidharth added, “Eventually what you put in front of the media becomes material.”


Alia spoke about shooting with Sidharth during Student of the Year as well. “He treated me like a kid and I didn’t like that.” While Sidharth told her, “You were 17! Anything 18 and under is illegal.”

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To this, Alia replied, “So? I wasn’t asking you to marry me. I was asking you to be a regular friend.”

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