Cylinder blast leaves eight injured in Lahore


At least eight people, including four children, were injured when a cylinder exploded at a barber shop on Sunday in Lahore.

Four killed in cylinder blast in Lahore

Reportedly, there was a gas leak at the barber shop located in Keer Kot. When a customer lit up a match, there was a huge explosion which injured eight people, including the barber, the customers in the shop and the children playing in the street.

The victims were identified as 50-year-old Aslam Siddique, 35-year-old Ejaz Mukhtar, 30-year-old Qaiser Aslam, 22-year-old Riaz Tariq, eight-year-old Zain Faisal, six-year-old Adeel Qaiser, five-year-old Ahmed Aslam and four-year-old Abdul Rehman.

The explosion alarmed residents who rushed to the scene. They also called police and rescue teams, which collected evidence the crime scene and recorded witnesses’ statements. Police are currently investigating the matter further.

Blast occurred due to a gas-leakage according to police

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