Rented accommodation for ministries costs Rs1b

ISLAMABAD: The national exchequer continues to bear the burden for Rs1 billion for government offices in rented space as the formal inauguration of the new federal government secretariat faces delays because of red tape and incomplete construction.

The project that started in 2008 to accommodate government offices, which are functioning in rented buildings, is still incomplete and may take a year to get finished. Ministry of Housing and Works officials shared that over 10 government ministries and their attached departments are working in rented buildings.

The government in 2007 hired a construction company on contract to build a single block comprising two basements, ground floors along with nine floors covering an area of 769,200-square feet on Constitution Avenue.

The auditor general of Pakistan in its report of 2016-17 raised serious observations over the tenders and award of contract of installation of elevators and other works. However, the ministry and senior officials glossed over it and it has yet to sort out the audit objections in departmental accounts committee with audit officials.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has rented a 5,200 square-metre office in Melody Market, which is the largest rented government office in the capital, they further revealed.



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