No need to offer prayers at Taj Mahal, India Supreme Court says

The Indian Supreme Court on Monday barred ‘outsiders’ from offering prayers at Agra’s fabled Taj Mahal complex, Times of India reported.

The apex court said the Taj, one of the seven wonders of the world, had to be preserved. There is no need to offer prayers at the site, the top court said.

Taj Mahal vandals

Earlier on January 24, Agra authorities ordered only locals bearing valid proof of identity be permitted to offer Friday prayers at the World Heritage Site. The directive was issued to ensure foolproof security at the complex. The apex court was then moved against the order.

District authorities handed down the instructions after receiving complaints regarding individuals not ordinarily resident in Agra sneaking into the site on pretext of offering Friday prayers. The tourist magnet remains closed for public on the traditional Muslim rest day.


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