SC takes notice of banks failing to comply with dam funding order

ISLAMABAD: .The Supreme Court on Monday took notice of banks failing to open accounts for the deposit of funds earmarked for the construction of dams in the country.

The hearing was conducted by a bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar. An application forwarded by the Ministry of Finance prayed upon the apex court to expedite the work for the opening of relevant accounts.

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“The State Bank of Pakistan is giving the impression that the accounts meant for construction of dams were opened by the former government,” said Justice Nisar. “These funds are established by the Supreme Court. Take a glance at any English newspaper and see what the finance division has to say. The public is giving us a message that they do not trust the government. People maintain that they would not deposit money into accounts maintained by the government.”

Justice Nisar also demanded an explanation regarding the absence of the finance secretary, remarking that the accounts for the construction were set up by the ministry of finance. He advised the attorney general to consult the caretaker premier Nasirul Mulk and then present the premier’s views in court.

The CJP maintained that State Bank’s procrastination was a source of anguish for everyone. “It took three days for the bank to open an account,” he added. “SBP has been unnecessarily making us wait while the people are clueless with money in their hands. We must ask the upcoming chief justices to take care of the issue. Those who are making donations for the construction of dams must be praised”

The court has summoned secretary finance in his personal capacity.

Justice Ijazul Hasan maintained State Bank was creating bottlenecks for the general public. “An impression is being made that people don’t want to deposit funds in the account set by the SC,” Justice Hasan said, at which the CJP said that a man had just committed to donating whatever it takes for the construction.

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The CJP said that the court would not allow anyone to steal or make a commission from the funds. “We do not want to see any corruption,” he warned, adding the court would remain vigilant during the course of audit

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