ICI Pakistan Limited launches its first corporate film

ICI Pakistan Limited, the renowned manufacturing and trading company with its businesses in Polyester, Soda Ash, Chemicals & Agri Sciences, Life Sciences and a growing stake in infant formula, recently launched its first ever corporate film. A beautifully shot film that balances images of budding plants and family life in between towering trees and larger than life shots of its sites highlighting its legacy of “Cultivating Growth”.

After it established its first soda ash plant in Khewra 74 years ago, the company went on to set up the Winnington School, the Winnington Hospital and a ladies welfare center in Khewra, proving that it aims to improve the lives it touches. The company also is heavily invested for the benefit of its stakeholders, for example it made efforts to improve the quality of feed for livestock farmers, and helped raise awareness about the right kind of nutrition needed for quality produce.

The film exposes us to the ubiquity of ICI Pakistan Limited in simple things that impact our daily lives. With a growing workforce of over 1,600 employees and a total turnover of Rs47.5 billion as of June 30, 2017, ICI Pakistan Limited has been serving the country’s economy for over seven decades.

The film also touches upon the Company’s values, one of which was Passion for People – which is reflected in many of the endeavors the company has made time and time again. For promoting opportunities for people and sustaining an environment conducive to learning, the company has been recognised by Gallup as Gallup’s Great Workplace this year.

As you follow the company’s journey to “become the very best version of itself” through glimpses of packed boardrooms and busy assembly lines, you discover its core values, highlighting ICI Pakistan Limited as an ally that has been supporting the national economy for decades, and positively impacting our local communities helping them develop and grow.

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Original news : https://tribune.com.pk/story/1753560/1-ici-pakistan-limited-launches-first-corporate-film/