Groom, guests beaten by bride’s family

FAISALABAD: A groom and his guests were beaten and manhandled by relatives of a bride in Tandlianwala on Monday.

The police told Express News that the marriage of Asif, a resident Tandalialanawala’s Village 41-B, was arranged with a girl from Chak No 509-GB of the Mamu Kanjan area. The wedding was supposed to take place on July 8 (Sunday), but an argument ensued as the groom’s family refused to take the dowry items and decided to cancel the ceremony.

However, despite initially refusing to marry, the groom reached the bride’s home, along with his guests, and demanded the bride’s family perform the marriage ceremony.

As a reaction, the girl’s relatives and locals beat up the groom and others with sticks and this resulted in some injuries. During the brawl, four people from the girl’s family were also wounded.

After receiving information, the police took the groom and seven others into custody and put them behind bars.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 10th, 2018.

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