PTI’s Rind vows to ‘walk the talk’ in Naseerabad

SC overturns disqualification of PTI’s Balochistan president

Rind said, “We shall establish engineering universities and residential colleges in the Naseerabad district. We shall introduce health cards and take measures to improve the health sector.”

He said people were deceived either in the name of religion or tribe only for collecting votes, while “development remained confined only to the homes of public representatives”.

He advised the people to be careful of such deceptions this time and “vote for competent candidates”.

PTI says BAP has no political future in Balochistan

They urged the PTI to establish standard schools and vocational centres to train the youth so they could earn money in any corner of the world.

In his concluding remarks, Rind said, “On July 25, people should come out of their homes and vote for PTI. If people want real change then PTI has the power to bring real change.”

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