Aamir Khan to reportedly play Indian godman in his next film

When it comes to getting under a character’s skin, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan leaves no stone unturned. Every film that he becomes a part of has often been remembered by the character he plays and the amount of preparation that goes behind it. According to Pinkvilla, Aamir’s next film will reportedly show his playing Osho.

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Osho , originally named Chandra Mohan Jain, was often perceived as a controversial religious leade. Some referred to him as the Indian godman. Osho travelled across India and emphasised on the importance of mindfulness and meditation. He passed away in 1990 due to heart failure. However, his followers claim that he died because “living in the body had become a hell”.


While no confirmation has been received, insiders have revealed that the Osho project is in full swing. The film will be directed by Shakun Batra of Kapoor & Sons fame, and produced jointly by Aamir and Karan Johar.

A source said, “Aamir is very excited about the project. He is all set to dive into the skin of the character soon. Preparations have already begun and one shouldn’t be surprised if Aamir dons a different avatar while promoting Thugs of Hindostan.” However, the insider also mentioned that Aamir hasn’t signed the contract yet. He will do it once he is convinced about the looks and other details of his character.


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Another source added, “Despite knowing each other for the longest time, this is the first of Aamir and Karan’s collaborations. The official announcement will be made after Aamir completes Thugs of Hindostan as he doesn’t want to compromise his policy of working on one film at a time.”

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