German envoy wins Pakistan over with tweets

German Ambassador Martin Kobler continues to please Pakistanis through this tweets which are all praise for the country.

Recently attending Shandur Polo festival in the country, Ambassador Kobler lauded that it was “one of the most spectacular sports event” he has ever seen. He further tweeted about the beautiful landscape and amazing atmosphere at the event and added that it has so much potential for tourism.

wow the most spectacular sports event I’ve ever seen!! went with @GERinPAK4youth to the #shandur polo festival. beautiful landscapes and an amazing atmosphere. so much touristic potential!!

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 9, 2018

PHOTO: twitter/@KoblerinPAK

In the past, the German ambassador has also shared how much he loves to stop by on roadside cafes to try the local food. Also, it’s noteworthy that he goes an extra mile to tweet in Urdu.

مزیدار فالودہ! #پاکستان میں دوروں کے دوران مجھے مختلف جگہوں پر رکنا اور مقامی کھانے کھانے کا بہت شوق ہے. راہ کنارے ملنے والے کھانے کی چیزوں میں آپکو کیا پسند ہے؟

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 7, 2018

PHOTO: twitter/@KoblerinPAK

German ambassador visits CMH Silakot, meets victims of Indian firing

On his social media, he even gives constructive input to Pakistan.

thank you @DrOmarZakhilwal for this very informative briefing also on the constructive role of #Pakistan in the Eid ceasefire!

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 6, 2018

Like Pakistanis, he’s vested in the problems of the country as well:

intense discussion on impact of climate change on security @JinnahInstitute! high time to address these problems! climate does not stop at borders!! it has to be addressed with all countries including india. @AdilNajam

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 6, 2018

He even came up with a solution on how to control the traffic problem in Karachi. In a tweet, he talked about his visit to Karachi’s city station and suggested that functional railway systems can help reduce traffic on highways.

.#کراچی سٹی سٹیشن میں چہل قدمی کی اور ریلوے کے ملازمین سے بات چیت کی.اچھی حالت کی ٹرینیں اور زبردست ریلوے کا نظام #پاکستان کے 210ملین لوگوں کے لئے اہم ہیں. جتنی زیادہ سامان اور لوگوں کی آمدورفت ٹرین کے ذریعے ہوگی، ہائیوے پر رش کم ہوگا. ماحول کے لیے بھی مفید ہے!

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 4, 2018

Martin Kobler’s visit to the Jinnah Mausoleum. PHOTO: twitter/@KoblerinPAK

Kobler acknowledged how essential a role the youth plays in the development of the state. He spoke highly of Model United Nations (MUN) participants he met in Karachi.

look at these commited youngsters I met on the streets of #karachi! They take part in a model united nations project. I feel confident for pakistan's future with such young political activists!

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 3, 2018

Ahead of the polls, he attended a discussion about holding free and fair elections.

discussion about holding free and fair elections! Visited care taker cm Fazal-ur-Rehman to speak about the challenges #sindh faces and illustrated the important work of the european union #election observation mission.

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 3, 2018

Last but not the least, he won many hearts when he tried Karachi’s iconic Student Biryani.

delicious!! again followed your advice to try aloo biryani at famous student biryani in #karachi! what an aromatic, flavoursome rice! their motto well deserved "WOW-WHAT A TASTE!”

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) July 2, 2018




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