Man dies after colliding with wife on honeymoon in bizarre accident

An Israeli man was killed after colliding with his wife as the couple was ziplining on their honeymoon, The Independent reported

Egael Tishman, 24, set off on his turn on the zipline tour organised by the cruise ship in Honduras on which he and wife Shif Fanken, 27, had just tied the knot.

He was unaware that his wife was tangled on the line about halfway down which forced a collision at high speeds.

They both suffered multiple injuries with Tishman complaining of having difficulty breathing, authorities say.

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Both were conscious on arrival at the local hospital where  Tishman died while Fankel underwent emergency surgery.

She was then taken to a hospital in the US and is said to be in a stable condition.

Authorities say the cause of death was a brain haemorrhage.

It is unclear whether the newly weds were wearing helmets when the incident took place.

Police are still trying to ascertain how such a mishap could have occurred when zipline staff were present on both sides and normally do not allow more than one person to glide down at once.

The article originally appeared on The Independent

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