US teen appears 'playing' video games, 'having' snacks at own funeral

In a unique memorial service in the United States, an “avid gamer” was displayed seated with a console controller in his hands and snacks on his site at his own funeral.

Renard Matthews, 18, was shot dead while he was taking his dog for a stroll two weeks ago, The Independent reported.

The family said they wanted the late gamer to be around the things he loved when he died. Therefore, the deceased was seen adorned in his favourite basketball jersey and flip-flops.

NOLA family chooses unique but loving way to say goodbye to son

— WGNO (@WGNOtv) July 8, 2018

Matthews body was embellished in the team’s jersey and matching socks, while a TV showing a footage of one of their games was placed in front of him.

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The teenager’s mother Temeka Matthews said that her son was a bit of a “homebody,” and mostly enjoyed staying at home.

Temeka said her son had recently started to go outside more frequently after she bought him the canine.

Police are yet to ascertain the motive for shooting with no arrest being made so far. It is believed that Matthews’s mobile phone had also been stolen during the shooting.

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