Four men gunned down over 'land dispute' in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Four men were gunned down in a makeshift room allegedly over a land dispute near a village on the outskirts of the capital on Thursday morning.

Police found two bodies lying in a pool of blood inside a room constructed on a land being developed near Bangial village in the limits of Koral police station.

Another two were found dead outside nearby, as if they were trying to flee the assailants.

Police identified the victims as Sheikh Yasir, Chaudhry Raheem, Raziq, and Abdul Ghani.

“This happened during the day on Thursday. They were shot dead. We have no idea who did this,” a police officer told The Express Tribune.

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Police said three of the victims were employed by one Chaudhry Khursheed of Tarlai, who was developing the land for plotting and had these men to stay and protect the land.

Police said nothing had been established yet but a land dispute could be the reason as they said the developer had a dispute with some locals.

The bodies were shifted to hospital and handed over to families after post-mortem examinations.

One of the victims was a local resident, another lived in G-6/2 while the third hailed from Orakzai Agency.

Details about the fourth victim were not confirmed as police found no document in his pocket.

This is the highest death toll in a day from violence in the capital in years.

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