PEMRA warns TV channels not to air 'derogatory, malicious content'

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has cautioned satellite television channels that violate its code of conduct and the directives of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

“Despite issuing an advice and verbal discourse with all the licencees no significant compliance is witnessed on the television screens. Satellite TV channels are persistently airing Live marathon transmissions/press conferences by political leadership containing defamatory and derogatory content targeting various state institutions specifically judiciary and armed forces of Pakistan,” an official notification said.

PEMRA issues warnings to three channels for airing ‘indecent content’

It also underscored relevant sections of media watchdog’s code of conduct that news channels are found in violation of.

PEMRA issues warning to satellite TV channels to comply with Code of Conduct of ECP and PEMRA for media and refrain from airing derogatory and malicious content against judiciary and armed forces as well as political leadership.

— Report PEMRA (@reportpemra) July 12, 2018

Moreover, Pemra also warned all channels to “ensure that no hateful, defamatory, malicious, and derogatory content/speech/press conference/paid political advertisement is aired, broadcast or televised in any manner, live or recorded, which may likely undermine the sanctity of judiciary, armed forces of Pakistan, other institutions, individuals, political parties and the electoral process”.

The media watchdog also cautioned that in the event that any licence is found in violation of the outlined provisions in the notice strict action will be taken by the authority.

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