Foreign forces out to destabilise Pakistan: BAP leaders

QUETTA: The Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) leaders have said that foreign forces are out to destabilise Pakistan, but the country which came into being in the name of Islam will flourish till the end of time.

“The former federal government had allocated only Rs300 billion for Balochistan of the total Rs5,000 billion under the Public Sector Development Programme during the last five years. Nationalists are selling their religion in the name of politics,” said BAP President Jam Kamal, General Secretary Manzoor Kakar, Senior Vice President Capt (retd) Abdul Khaliq Achakzai and Malik Khuda Bakhsh Lango while addressing a huge rally in Chaman on Friday. BAP Secretary Information Chaudhry Shabbir was also present.

BAP president insists on delaying general elections

They urged the people to discard such people on July 25 and vote for the true representatives of Balochistan.

“Pakistan’s development is tied to Balochistan’s. Until and unless Balochistan does not witness development, Pakistan cannot prosper,” they added.

The BAP president said, “The rulers never gave importance to welfare projects, instead worked for personal interest due to which Balochistan is in a dilapidated condition.”

Previous govt listened to only three parties: BAP

Kamal said, “In the future, only those parties and candidates, who have worked for the country’s prosperity and development, will reach parliament, while the ones who try to lure with promising slogans, people will discard them through the power of vote.”

He lambasted the divide and rule policy of the politicians. “Politicians created ethnic hatred among the people of Balochistan and divided them for their own petty gains, but our party believes in serving the people without discrimination so deprivation of 60 years can be done away with and issues can be resolved.”

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