233 casualties reported in 16,232 road crashes in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: At least 16,232 road crashes have been reported during the past six months in Faisalabad. A total of 233 men, women and children were killed while another 15,209 were injured in road accidents.

Statistics collected by Express News from different hospitals and Rescue 1122 officials revealed that the highest number of road crashes included 10,148 motorcyclists aged between 21 years to 31 years. Out of these, 4,383 were injured. In accidents involving cars and other vehicles, at least 9,278 people suffered injuries.

Month-wise data

In January 2018, at least 2,379 road accidents occurred which led to the deaths of 45 people, including six women. Similarly, 2,194 men and 465 women also suffered injuries in these incidents. Of 1,457 motorcyclists aged 21 years to 31 years, 712 were injured while another 1,331 were injured in other accidents.

In February, 32 people died in 2,612 road accidents which included six women. A total of 2,414 men, 634 women and 1,457 motorcyclists were involved in accidents and of them, 573 people were injured.

In March, 45 people died in 2,612 road accidents which included seven women and children. At least, 2,414 men and 634 women were injured. A total of 573 people aged 21 years to 30 years were injured while another 1,414 people suffered injuries in other road mishaps. Of these, 1,667 road accidents occurred due to motorcycles.

In April, 2,980 accidents occurred which led to the deaths of 36 people, including three women. Similarly, 2,785 men, and 243 women also suffered injuries in road crashes. Meanwhile, 1,639 accidents occurred due to over speeding.

In May, 2,763 accidents occurred in which 37 people died which included eight women. Rescue officials shifted 2,627 men and 665 women to hospitals in injured condition.

The injured included 668 people aged between 21 years to 30 years. Similarly, 1,639 road accidents occurred due to motorcycles, while another 1,685 accidents took place due to other reasons.

In June, a total of 38 people died in 2,886 accidents which included eight women and children. At least, 2,775 men and 618 women were shifted to hospitals in injured condition. Similarly, 1,702 motorcyclists were involved in road crashes while 1,618 people were injured in other road related mishaps.

Meanwhile, traffic police miserably failed to control road crashes in the district despite allocation of funds for creating awareness regarding traffic laws.

A survey conducted by Express News found that traffic wardens paid more attention on handing over challans to the citizens instead of taking measures to curb road crashes.

Despite allocating millions of rupees for the purpose, the traffic police department in the district did not initiate awareness campaigns and launch a crackdown against those violating traffic rules.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 16th, 2018.

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