8 Times Meesha Shafi Truly Inspired Us

We all need role models, especially in today’s world. Someone that speaks up when no one is speaking. Someone that talks about the things no one talks about. Someone that inspires us to be a better version of ourselves. Meesha Shafi is definitely one of those people. Meesha has made her mark, be it in modelling, acting and more recently, music. In 2013, Meesha Shafi was named among the 100 most influential people in Pakistan by international franchise Hello Magazine. And here we bring you 8 times Meesha truly inspired us with her views

I’ve learnt to ignore men who feel threatened by powerful women

 Misogyny is rampant in our surroundings and showbiz is no different

 I can only speak for myself, and here I would definitely say being selective and confident about my choices has helped. The other thing to remember is hard work! A lot of it. And consistency. There are rarely any short cuts to success

 Who I am is all because of the environment I grew up in, which was very progressive, enlightened and free. I am a child of privilege in that even though we had no money, we were a house full of artists. How we lived was very rooted in our culture and yet, at the same time, we were encouraged to be open to change. I often see people scared of things they don’t understand, and so [my art] often exists to challenge people and push them out of their comfort zone

 My greatest achievements are yet to come. But the ones that have already come along the way have taught me how important it is to be humble. To keep one’s ego in check! As our ego and arrogance can often be our ultimate downfall

 I approach the future with nothing but hope and prayers for our country. It doesn’t matter how much one plans, the future of our careers depends on the future of Pakistan

 Don’t ever let anyone hold you back from trying out something you feel you have a talent for

 A lot of people don’t realize this, but a lot of hard work goes into getting where you are before finally being noticed

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