Emergence room ‘doctor’ sparks outrage after posting 'provocative' images

An emergency room paramedic has sparked fury after posting images wearing her scrubs and a nurse’s outfit, Mail Online reported.

Anastasia Ivashevskaya, a 26-year-old was told to delete the inappropriate pictures because they are unsuitable someone working in her profession.


There has also been backlash from her female colleagues after she posted the ‘explicit’ images in her blue medical uniform.

The furor at her emergency unit in Krylatskoye, Moscow was revealed after a report by a local news channel.

“Her colleagues are against Moscow’s sexiest doctor,” it said.

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“Anastasia works in an emergency team and posts explicit pictures… even in uniform. Her women colleagues are demanding she deletes the pictures, considering them inappropriate for a medical worker,” the report stated.

Her female colleagues have called for the hospital’s administration to  act immediately to halt and delete her postings.

However, the paramedic has garnered favourable comments.

It is unclear how she has responded to the demand from her women colleagues.

The article originally appeared in the Mail Online

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Original news : https://tribune.com.pk/story/1760365/9-emergence-room-doctor-sparks-outrage-posting-provocative-images/