When you work in small houses without AC all day, you stay closer to reality: Aiman Khan

ISLAMABAD: More than her acting accomplishments, Aiman Khan’s strong social media following has placed her on the map within a short span of time. At just 20, the bustling starlet is amongst the most followed Pakistani celebrities on Instagram, with over two-million loyal devotees.

But despite such a massive presence on the internet, Aiman is endearingly oblivious to the hoopla that surrounds her name. She claims to act only because she fancies the profession at this point in her life. But what the future holds is uncertain and for her, nothing’s carved in stone.


It is with this vivacity that Aiman lives in the moment. Though it didn’t take an overtly-enthusiastic or protective PR team for her to gain popularity, she confesses to have worked her way up. “I have no idea how all of it happened! I’m very thankful to people who have love me and my sister Minal. But I haven’t really understood it though. I’d never thought about where I’d be at this age” she told The Express Tribune.

Aiman and Minal are indeed, two peas in a pod. The sister-duo is not the first to be working in Pakistani entertainment (cue Urwa and Mawra Hocane) but what makes them unique is that they’re twins.

Mind you, there is no competition here and Aiman and Minal remain each other’s biggest fans. In an earlier interview, Minal had said she and her sister are settled in their separate careers. “I think it’s a lot of fun that we work in the same industry. Naturally, we are often paired off as ‘Aiman Minal’ or ‘Minal Aiman’ but that’s just for fun,” she had said.


Fortunately, the sisters have managed to carve their own respective niches in the industry. “I think if I look back at my struggles and how things happened for me, I can only be thankful to God that I’ve gotten all of it so early in my life,” Aiman stated.

She is, nonetheless, quick to reiterate that a lot of hard-work has gone into it. “Minal and I started out as child-artists when we were eight. We did commercials and then we did drama serials after that and then, the transition to the ‘heroine’ just happened, very recently,” she said. “Not a lot of people accept that when they’re used to seeing you a certain way only and you yourself are so young. But it’s been very different with us. I never know what to say when people come up to me while I’m, say shopping at the mall or have gone out for dinner. They tell me how much they love me and that truly makes me very happy.”


It’s evident that for Aiman, age is nothing more than a number. But it’s interesting how her teenage romance, brewed with a co-star on the sets of a tele-film, actually lasted and ended up in the two officially exchanging rings. Aiman is engaged to fellow actor Muneeb Butt, which has only had an affirmative influence on her. “I met Muneeb when I was 17,” she revealed, before bursting out into bashful laughter. “It’s almost been three years and I truly do believe age is just a number because I’ve never really felt naive.”

“My sister and I started working and earning when we were very young, and that of course, gives you certain independence,” she added, of taking important life-decisions at an early age. “When I got engaged, it didn’t feel any different. I truly believe I’m much more matured for my age, with the kind of experiences I’ve had. I chose Muneeb because I didn’t want to have scandals or link ups around me. I didn’t want any names associated with mine. And he’s wonderful; I’m very happy with Muneeb.”


Over the years, Aiman has portrayed an array of characters in a variety of highly successful projects, ranging from the female lead’s friend in Mann Mayal to eventually landing herself her first solo lead in Khaali Haath last year. “Khaali Haath was a very special project. I think I fell in love with my character Mashal and I don’t quite know why, but I really put my heart and soul into it,” recalled the actor. She also has fond memories of shooting Ishq Tamasha alongside Faizan Khawaja and Junaid Khan and Bedardi, which dealt with the taboos around the topic of HIV/AIDS.

“Once you become an actor, I feel like you also become very patient. You’re able to understand more. We work and interact with all sorts of people when we step out of our houses and so, I think you get to know yourself a lot better. At least I know I did,” Aiman said, when asked how her choice of profession has impacted her personal life. “When you’re required to work all day, in small houses, without ACs, you stay closer to reality. And of course, you groom yourself; you know your tone, and what to say when and how.”


Aiman deems a good script and team are all that it takes to win her over. She has currently got her hands full with filming Baandi alongside beau Muneeb and Bulbulay star Hina Dilpazeer. Penned by Asma Nabeel of Khaani fame, the upcoming serial will highlight domestic violence. Other than that, she has also signed onto another serial for a local TV channel. Needless to say, the sky is the limit for Aiman Khan.

‘Breaking Through 2018’ is a series of interviews with promising female artists to keep an eye out for.

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