ECP will take action against party terror suspects

Election Conmission of Pakistan (ECP) Secretary Babar Yaqoob said on Saturday that action will be taken against three Allah-o-Akbar Party members allegedly involved in terrorism.

Yaqoob told reporters the names of the men had been provided by the United Nations (UN). He said the top poll body would take action against any individual involved in crime. “Mere accusations, however, cannot constitute basis for action.”

The ECP secretary said the media, judiciary and the military had pivotal roles to essay when it came to the transparent conduct of general elections. Yaqoob said the ECP was not a partisan institution. The body, he said, had exerted no pressure whatsoever on any party with regard to electioneering.

ECP secretary satisfied with implementation of code of conduct

Yaqoob said the ECP would ensure that foolproof security arrangements were in place on election day. Talking about the role of law-enforcement agencies, he said 450,000 policemen will be deployed for security purposes. Another 350,000 military men would also be tasked with similar responsibilities.

The ECP secretary said stationery had been dispatched to ROs nationwide. He acknowledged that some complaints had been received on this account.

On election day, Yaqoob said, ROs handling of postal ballots will be monitored. ECP officials will also conduct surprise audits, he said. The secretary said CCTVs had been installed across polling stations.

Arrangements have also been made for the visually impaired, he said. He also thanked the military and the Supreme Court for cooperating with the ECP.


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