Dozen heads of cattle die from drinking 'poisonous' water

KARACHI: At least a dozen heads of cattle died on Sunday after drinking what was later claimed to be ‘poisonous’ water at the Karachi Cattle Market set up on Super Highway ahead of Eidul Azha.

As news of the deaths started to spread, the cattle market’s administration officials tried to hush up the matter by loading the dead cattle onto trucks and taking them, along with the merchant, to an undisclosed location.

When the cattle market administrator, Tahir Memon, was contacted for comment, he said that he wasn’t in-charge of the water drums and only the Malir Cantonment officials could comment on the matter. Memon added, however, that the merchant was sold the plastic drums by a man named Rehman, before cutting the call.

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Meanwhile, the incident has rattled the other merchants, who are calling for higher authorities to take action against those responsible for the incident. One merchant, who wished not to named, lamented that they had come from far-off areas to earn a living but on reaching the site, they had found the administration quite unreasonable. “Poisonous water drums are being sold to merchants, which have caused the deaths of these cattle,” he alleged. Another merchant claimed the administration was giving water for cattle just once a day, and if more water was needed, they’d sell it for higher prices.

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