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Lulusar Washk Chapter 2

Lulusar is back with a new collection “Washk” Chapter 2. The collection features everything you need to make your casual and semi-formal looks stand out from statement athleisure pants to contemporary tops. We definitely have our eyes on some of their outfits and can’t wait to splurge! For more, visit their website www.lulusar.com

Easy by Fatso

Brainchild of Maha Jawed, Easy by Fatso is a friendly carb factory that caters to the needs of every soul craving carbs and comfort food. From melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts to irresistible French toast and soft serve ice cream, this place is a complete haven for foodies. If you want to know more about this carb heaven, then check out their page on Instagram.com/easybyfatsos/

Stageline Shimmer Eye Shadows

Update your make-up collection with Stage Line’s shimmer eye shadows. Available in a variety of colours, these pigmented shadows are bound to add that drama and finish to your eyes. Be it a formal event or a casual day out with friends, this shimmer eye shadow is perfect to brighten your eyes. For more details, visit their page on Instagram.com/stage_line/

East Breakout Stole Collection

East Breakout has launched their new collection of colourful, floral stoles. These scarves are designed to make you look fashion forward and chic at the same time – wear them in any way you want be it casually around your neck or as a turban, there are countless ways of sporting this accessory. To check out their collection, visit their official page on Facebook.com/East-Breakout/

Snickers McFlurry

If ice cream is your guilty pleasure, it’s time to head over to McDonald’s for their new McFlurry in the latest Snickers flavour. We’re always on the look out for new desserts and needless to say, we’re definitely giving this a try to satisfy our ice cream cravings. For more, visit their page or website www.mcdonalds.com.pk

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