Prescription saying 'don't vote for PTI to relieve mental issues' goes viral

LAHORE: Election season has taken the entire nation by storm with a ‘doctor’ recommending a quick fix to both sway voters and cure mental illness.

A doctor prescribed his patient to abstain from voting for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf supremo Imran Khan in Vehari, Punjab on Monday.

Jahangir Shah, a homeopathic medical practitioner, recommended three different medicines to Malik Amir Sharif, his patient, to help with mental issues he was battling.

In the left corner of the doctor’s note, however, it is written “don’t vote for Imran Khan Niazi on July 25”.

The prescription began doing the rounds on social media, sparking a debate between the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and PTI supporters.

PML-N supporters claimed that the doctor accurately diagnosed the patient and deemed not voting for PTI  as “the best way to ensure mental health”.

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Meanwhile, PTI faithful termed the doctor “no more than a putwari”.

The former cricketer’s party supporters claimed that “he has tarnished the image of the noble profession”.

The prescription has been forged and is being used to achieve their own political gains,”Shah told The Express Tribune.

“I’m a doctor not a political worker, it’s the last thing I’d have done,” he claimed.

When asked if the details in the prescription about the medicines were authentic, the doctor said that “Yes, the medicines I gave, but controversial details are fabricated,” he said.

The doctor has now decided to take legal action against those responsible.

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