Surge in fruit prices irks locals

GUJRANWALA: The prices of fruits have witnessed a surge in Gujranwala, thus increasing the burden on the common man.

While speaking to Express News, citizens complained that prices have shot up in local markets. They said shopkeepers have increased the prices on their own as authorities have failed to keep a check on profiteering.

The locals added the price control system of the district government appears to have collapsed in the absence of a concrete plan.

People in markets said that the price lists issued by the local administration served as nothing more than showpieces as shopkeepers kept blatantly ignoring them.

Most wholesalers and retailers, particularly of fruits, are enjoying free reign, fleecing the consumers.

A survey of different markets revealed that guavas are being sold at Rs80 per kg. The previous price per kilogramme of guavas was Rs65.

Similarly, peaches are being sold at Rs140 per kg instead of the prescribed government rate of Rs100 per kg. Dates have also witnessed a sharp increase as it they are being sold at Rs160 in the market.

The government’s approved price is Rs120 per kg. Grapes are being sold at Rs200 per kg instead of Rs160 per kg, while plums are sold at RS90 per kg. The previous price per kilogramme of plums was Rs60.

The consumers complained that prices could only be reduced if the administration took stern action against profiteers. They demanded relief from the district government.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 24th, 2018.

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