K-P chief minister issues show cause notice to DCO Peshawar over careless remarks

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa chief minister on Tuesday issued a show cause notice to Peshawar’s deputy commissioner a day after the latter announced he had arranged 1,000 burial shrouds as a preemptive measure for the polling day.

Chief Minister Dost Muhammad Khan, in a cabinet meeting, suggested disciplinary action the deputy commissioner for issuing irresponsible statements to incite fear among voters.

Earlier on Monday, DCO Peshawar announced he arranged 1,000 burial shrouds as a preemptive measure for the polling day.

1,000 ‘kafans’ ready for election day as ‘preemptive measure’ in Peshawar

“We hope we will have a peaceful voting process but we’re ready to deal with an emergency situation,” deputy commissioner Peshawar Imran Hamid Sheikh told The Express Tribune.

Important decisions pertaining to foolproof security on the polling day were also made which were deemed better than other provinces and any previous election.

Complete concord was observed between the military and civil authorities while the financial and life security of the masses was treated as a top priority.

Curtain falls on electioneering

“Comprehensive planning has been put in place to provide complete security to voters amid polling. FC troops apart from the trained police troops equipped with the latest weapons and essential items have also been deployed. Moreover, the army personnel deputed at every polling station will actively render service in close association with the civil administration to tackle with any untoward situation. The FC troops will also patrol the area,” reads the press release issued by chief minister.

Previously all the government officials have been prohibited from issuing such policy statements.

1,217 polling stations have been established in the provincial metropolis, 655 booths for males and 517 for females

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