Hum TV releases official statement amid award show controversy

Hum TV, on Thursday, has released a. official statement over controversy regarding celebs flying out of the country two days before general elections 2018 for the 6th Hum Awards.

Celebs like Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Ahmed Ali Butt, Yasir Hussain and many others are currently in Toronto for the show. Many were irked over celebs ‘choosing to travel than exercising their civil duty.’

Taking to Twitter, the local channel wrote in a statement, “Hum Network has always been very proud of being Pakistan’s biggest entertainment broadcast network.”

Saheefa Jabbar, Yasir Hussain defend celebs for absence on election day

Addressing the latest controversy, the statement stated, “Referring to the 6th Hum Awards, it’s date was decided at least six months in advance as an event of this magnitude requires a lot of planning and preparation. Also, since a lot of resources have to be committed for the event it is not possible to change the date.”

While Yasir and Ahmed Ali Butt chose to defend the showbiz fraternity, saying how they had no choice but to travel for the awards, Bilal Khan and Vasay Chaudhry flew back home to cast their votes.  But Hum TV stated that only a handful of artists were asked to fly earlier than others for rehearsals of performances at the show.

Bilal Khan, Vasay Chaudhry fly home to cast their votes

“It is worth mentioning here that many of the artists participating in the Awards have cast their votes today and then left for the Awards. However a few had to leave earlier as they were required for rehearsals,” the statement read.

Earlier, Farhan Saeed and Imran Abbas called out their fellow actors to prioritise the award show instead of voting.

“All the people from my fraternity & otherwise travelling abroad at such a crucial time is so heart-breaking . Please let’s not take our country’s future for granted,” the Sunno Chanda actor had tweeted.

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