Heat-related deaths in Britain set to treble by 2050, UK lawmakers warn

LONDON: Premature deaths from heatwaves in Britain could more than treble to around 7,000 a year by mid-century if the government does not take action, a committee of lawmakers said on Thursday.

The heatwave led to more than 20,000 deaths across Europe, including 15,000 in France alone and 2,193 in Britain.

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A similar heatwave occurred in July 2006 and there have been periods of unusually hot weather or heatwaves in July 2013, July 2015, July-September 2016, June 2017, April 2018 and June-July 2018.

The Met Office predicts there is a risk that similarly intense heatwaves will occur every other year by the 2040s and the average number of heat-related deaths in Britain will more than triple to 7,000 a year by the 2050s, the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee said in a report.

The government is failing to address the danger of heatwaves, the committee warned.

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