Sweet celebrations: Sweet shops emptied hours after result announcements

ISLAMABAD: The sweet selling business across the country including twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has witnessed hectic sales soon after the unofficial announcement of the general election’s results, with majority of the supporters placing orders for celebrating the victory.

“The shelves of sweetshops went empty within a couple of hours of the announcements, as orders poured in by mounds (40kg),” said Arshad Khan a sweetmeat shop owner.

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Distributing and exchanging sweets is the ritual followed by everyone, irrespective of age, to celebrate any festival, success or joyous occasion. Announcement of the election’s results is the biggest occasion for the winning political parties as well as their supporters and distributing sweets is an essential way of expressing happiness.

The workers and supporters of political parties who got majority of seats according to the announcements made thus far have started celebrations in their areas by distributing sweets and cakes.

“We have received huge orders today following election activities in the country which is an opportunity for us to earn a handsome amount.

Hopefully, we will receive increased orders for sweets and cakes during the whole week,” Arshad Khan, a sweet seller in Rawalpindi said.

He added, “Although we had already stocked different sweets, particularly `barfi’ and `gulab jamun’ prior to the election’s results day, most of that finished as the day progressed. Hundreds of people and party workers usually visit the homes of winning candidates with sweets to maintain a cordial relation with them in future.

“Many of the customers have placed the order of special cakes made of party flags and inscribed with party slogans which is time consuming but helps us make a profit,” he said.

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Muneeb Khattak, a party worker said, “I placed an order for sweets soon after the announcements of unofficial results.

I will visit the winning candidate of the party soon after the results are confirmed, to celebrate the victory.”

Another sweet seller in Karachi Company said, “Normally the occasions of Eid and other family festivals increase the sale of sweets but when it is elections, sale of sweets is multiplied due to weeks-long celebrations.”  

Published in The Express Tribune, July 27th, 2018.

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