Humayun died before Babur, BJP Rajasthan chief says

Bharatiya Janata Party Rajasthan president Madan Lal Saini on Tuesday  ‘recalled’ how a dying Humayun once ‘advised’ Babur to not insult “cows, Brahmins and women”, the Times of India reported.

The BJP state chief said it was binding on everyone to respect national, social and religious ethos while talking to reporters after the recent lynching of Rakhbar Khan in Alwar. “I recollect a dying Humayun called Babur and told him that if you want to rule over India, be careful about three things — cows, Brahmins and women. No harm should come to their respect,” Saini said.

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Humayun, the son of Mughal emperor Babur succeeded his father as king in 1530. He fell to his death later in 1556.

Saini also said that Aurangzeb, the last of the ‘great’ Mughal emperors had banned cow slaughter.“How can such people be their followers?” he said alluding to how lynching victim Khan was involved in smuggling cows. He later termed the incident unfortunate.

The BJP state chief’s comments left the ruling party red-faced and stoked social media ridicule.With his statement, Saini joined a growing list of BJP leaders with a questionable command of history.  “It has become a habit for BJP leaders to narrate the wrong history,” Indian National Congress (INC) Rajasthan chief Archana Sharma said.

This article originally appeared in the Times of India.

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