PPP rejects 'entire poll process', urges MMA-led group not to shun parliament

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has rejected the ‘entire election process’, being conducted under the Election Commission of Pakistan’s supervision for this week’s general elections and demanded the latter to resign in the wake of allegations of irregularities.

Addressing a news conference in Karachi on Saturday, he said, “This process didn’t have to be so complicated and compromised. It was their [ECP’s] responsibility and they failed.

“We are democracy-loving people, but cannot accept this result. I pay tribute to PPP workers, ticket holders and candidates for performing better than the last elections, but we cannot accept these results.”

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— PPP (@MediaCellPPP) July 27, 2018

Expressing serious concerns over the whole process calling it ‘pre and post-poll rigging’, the PPP chief said the party will form a fact-finding committee and make its findings public.

APC rejects poll results but divided on oath-taking boycott

Commenting on staying away from the Maulana Fazlur Rehman-led MMA’s multi-party conference in Islamabad, Bilawal said the party decided against attending the APC as it had to set its own direction.

“We will negotiate with other parties as well and urge them to not quit the parliamentary form of democracy, despite their serious grievances. We will try to convince them to be in favour of the parliamentary process,” he remarked.

“Despite the hurdles created for us, PPP performed better than last elections. But, we will not allow these rigged elections continue to mar the democratic process.”

The PPP chairman said that his party has neither rejected election results such as this, nor has it ever asked for the ECP’s resignation.

Commenting on his defeat from Karachi’s Lyari neighbourhood, Bilawal said, “Residents of Lyari are my people and I will continue my efforts for their well-being.”

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