FIA officials suspended for manhandling 'drunk, aggressive' passenger at Karachi airport

KARACHI  : At least five Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials were suspended while a departmental enquiry against them was initiated after a video surfaced on social media showing immigration staff manhandling a passenger at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

Taking notice of the video, the FIA director suspended shift in-charge inspector Muzamil Jatoi, sub-inspector Zakir Hussain and three constables, Attaullah Memon, Kashifuddin and Hamza, who were found involved in the incident, the FIA spokesperson confirmed.

The spokesperson said that the director also ordered the additional director immigrations, Karachi to conduct a thorough enquiry of the incident.

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In a letter issued by the FIA officials over the incident, it was stated that a 32-year-old passenger, Muhammad Umair, coming from Doha was ‘not in his senses’.

The letter claimed that the passenger was talking absurdly, abusing and being physically aggressive when he arrived at the lounge at Karachi airport.

“He [Umair] physically misbehaved with passengers in the queue. When the staff tried to detain him to a separate room, he became desperate and went out of control.

The FIA staff also sustained minor injuries in the process,” the letter read. The letter was given to the police while handing the passenger over to them.

Meanwhile, police later released the passenger after they did not find any concrete evidence against him.

“On the basis of this letter, FIA is saying that the passenger was in a drunken state. It [the letter] clearly mentioned that it seems that the passenger was drunk and this was written without taking a blood test,” the police stated, adding that the FIA did not pursue a follow-up from the police, which is why the passenger was released.

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