Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi who ‘assaulted’ Israeli soldier released from prison

RAMALLAH/EVEN YEHUDA: Israel released from prison on Sunday Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi who was jailed late last year after she was filmed kicking and slapping an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank.

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Tamimi, 17, became a heroine to Palestinians after the December 15 incident outside her home in the village of Nabi Saleh was streamed live on Facebook by her mother and went viral. She was 16 at the time.

She faced 12 charges, including aggravated assault, and in March plead guilty to a reduced charge sheet that included assault. She was sentenced to eight months in jail.

An Israel Prison Service spokesperson said Tamimi had left the Sharon prison and was enroute to the West Bank, where her family are veterans of protests against an Israeli settlement near their home.

Separately, Israeli border police arrested two Italian graffiti artists who were painting a mural of Tamimi, on the Israeli separation barrier in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian officials.

PHOTO: TWITTER/jessicajackley

An Israeli police spokesperson did not return a call for comment.

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The Palestine Liberation Organisation said on Twitter that Israeli forces had arrested the two Italian artists and a Palestinian who was with them.

Israeli forces arrest the three Italian artists who painted the mural depicting Ahed Tamimi on the annexation wall in Bethlehem. (video footage ©Baladna Radio)

— Palestine PLO-NAD (@nadplo) July 28, 2018

Israel maintains control over most of the West Bank, where the Palestinians have limited self-rule. Most countries consider Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be illegal, something Israel disputes.

Palestinians want the West Bank for a future state, along with East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. Most countries consider Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be illegal, something Israel disputes.

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