Oyster Rocks: Newly-discovered safety wall becomes risky picnic spot for Karachiites

KARACHI: Just a little ahead of Dolmen Mall Clifton, Oyster Rocks, a relatively unexplored area, seems to have become the new favourite picnic spot among Karachiites.

Although Oyster Rocks is fast becoming a central point for the people of the city to spend their leisure time, the ‘safety’ wall is a risky place of leisure. The pointed and unstable concrete blocks are a cause for concern as one can easily slip off of it.

The 2.5 kilometre long breakwater was built by Chinese experts at a cost of billions of rupees to secure the South Asia Pakistan Terminal.

The breakwater is a structure used to protect the harbour from the impact of waves and make it easy for ships to anchor. It aims to protect large freight ships from the hazards of a high tide and ensure stable water.

Sea View instead of French beach

The protection of the safety wall as well as the people who visit the area rests with the Karachi Port Trust (KPT). However, despite attracting hundreds of people on a daily basis, the KPT has no procedure in place to monitor the breakwater.

In addition to those seeking adventure, one can witness pushcarts and vendors who have set up shop at Oyster Rocks too.

According to the vendors, the area is most frequented by youngsters, who often misplace their steps on the pointy rocks and fall, severely injuring themselves.

A massive steel-built tower was constructed for the purpose of monitoring the wall. However, the tower is only used by the visitors to get a view of the sea. This too is a risky act as the tower is not built to sustain too much weight.

Moreover, the road leading up to the China Port’s safety wall is rocky and believed to be unsafe.

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Images and videos of the China Port are trending on social media, rapidly increasing the location’s popularity as a place of leisure and adventure.

Packed with families throughout the week, especially on weekends, the spot has been compared by many visitors to the ports of Dubai and Mumbai, which have similar concrete, conical-shaped stones.

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