International flight leaves behind 50 Hajj pilgrims at Karachi airport

An international flight left behind 50 Hajj pilgrims at the Karachi airport on Monday owing to lack of space on the plane, Express News reported.

A Saudia Airlines plane was expected to leave at 10am from the Jinnah International Airport, however the plane was short of capacity for the  passengers, according to the airline.

This left children, women and the elderly stranded at the airport draped in their Ihraam.

The passengers who had been left behind registered their protest at Jinnah terminal’s lounge.

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Passengers claimed that the airline did not facilitate them in any way despite their negligence. Even after hours having passed the hajj travellers were not even offered any snacks or refreshments by the Saudia Airlines.

According to travellers, those on the government Hajj quota scheme were given preference over private Hajj applicants by the airline.

It was expected that over 50,000 Pakistanis would be travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj by July 25.

An official privy to the Hajj arrangements told The Express Tribune that the Hajj flight operation had started from July 14 and it is estimated that over 25,000-30,000 intending pilgrims under the government scheme would fly to the kingdom by election day – July 25.

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