Kangaroo smashes through house window in Melbourne

MELBOURNE: A kangaroo shocked a sleeping family by smashing through their bedroom window in suburban Australia and bleeding throughout their home during a distressed late night frenzy.

Melbourne resident Mafi Ahokavo was jolted awake last weekend by a loud noise and discovered the unlikely intruder in the house he shares with his partner and three-year-old-son.

“We were just sleeping and out of nowhere we just hear a big bang,” he told Australia’s Channel Nine television late Monday.

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The frightened creature, which cut itself on the shattered glass, bounced through the house before collapsing from exhaustion in the home’s bathroom. Ahokavo was able to lock it in before rescuers arrived and treated the wounded marsupial, which they nicknamed ‘Norman’.

“Poor Norman was not all that far from open fields but took a wrong turn… and couldn’t find his way home,” rescuer Manfred Zabinskas posted on Facebook.

“With a barrier of houses, fences and closed gates, he saw the window as his only passage out.”

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Vets treated Norman for multiple lacerations, but on Tuesday the roo bounced out of the enclosure on Melbourne’s outskirts where he was being nursed back to health. The Five Freedoms Animal Rescue raised fears the missing marsupial may be suffering from a life-threatening case of myopathy, an illness in which a high-stress event causes paralysis.

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