Blast hits Afghan capital Kabul

KABUL: A loud explosion rocked the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday, shaking windows and doors in houses several kilometres away from the blast.

The sound of gunfire could also be heard in the aftermath of the explosion, which officials said hit close to Green Village, a large compound to the east of the city used by staff of international organisations.

A cloud of white smoke could be seen spiralling into the sky over the area, which has been hit repeatedly by suicide bombers.

The explosion came as a senior US diplomat was visiting Kabul to brief Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on a draft peace accord reached with the Taliban that could see thousands of US troops withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Ashraf Ghani will share his views on the draft peace deal with Zalmay Khalilzad within two days

  • 1905293-khalilzadreuters-1549520061-388-640x480'US to conditionally pull troops from five Afghan bases under deal'

    US president last week said America would maintain a permanent presence in Afghanistan

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