Amid Indo-Pak tension, China says nuclear safety is a national responsibility

ANKARA: Amid heightened tensions between South Asian nuclear powers India and Pakistan, China on Tuesday said ensuring the safety of nuclear arsenal is an “important national responsibility”.

China’s State Council Information Office in a white paper said the country has “integrated nuclear safety into the entire process of nuclear energy development and utilization.”

China’s nuclear industry is “developed in line with the latest safety standards and maintained a good safety record”, the paper added.

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“Nuclear safety is first and foremost a national issue, and the primary responsibility should be borne by the government of each country. Governments should understand and undertake their responsibilities, and be responsible not only to themselves but also to the world. They should strengthen coordination, make joint efforts, share achievements, and seek mutual benefit. We should benefit from and contribute to nuclear safety, and endeavor to globalise nuclear safety” it said.

Beijing’s statement came at a time when Pakistan and India are engaged in a war of words that world leaders fear could escalate into a nuclear war.

“Over the past 70 years, China’s nuclear industry has grown from scratch, developed steadily and formed a complete system, which has made an important contribution to ensuring energy security, protecting the environment, improving people’s living standards and promoting high-quality economic development,” the paper said.

“China will continue to promote international cooperation in nuclear safety, assume the responsibility required of a major country, and fulfill its international obligations,” the paper added.

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