Pakistan steps up diplomatic offensive against India over IOK

KARACHI  : Pakistan has stepped up its diplomatic efforts to ratchet up pressure on India to undo its August 5 illegal annexation of the disputed Himalayan state of Kashmir which has stoked tensions between the two nuclear-tipped nations.

According to diplomatic sources, global powers and key regional players are piling pressure on the Narendra Modi government through backdoor channels to immediately lift the almost a month-long curfew in Occupied Kashmir and restore liberties of people there.

Modi is facing sever global backlash to its ill-thought step to strip Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) of its semi-autonomy, source told Daily Express. And India has s few takers in the international community of its narrative on the disputed region.

Islamabad has already snapped trade and diplomatic relations with New Delhi in protest against Modi’s illegal and unconstitutional step. Pakistan has publicly said it would not engage with India unless the draconian curfew is lifted in IOK and the semi-autonomous status of the region is restored.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi are in constant touch with global powers and regional players, including Muslim states, over the situation in IOK, said a top official in the federal government while speaking with Daily Express on the condition of anonymity.

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“Pakistan is pursuing a three-pronged diplomatic campaign to rally support of international powers, key regional players and the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) against Modi’s illegal and unconstitutional move,” said the official who was not authorised to publicly speak on foreign policy matters.

According to the sources, Pakistan’s effective diplomacy has once again shown the global spotlight on the festering dispute as the UN Security Council took up the issue after decades – much to the consternation of New Delhi which calls IOK its internal matter.

Pakistan has also sought to enlist the support of UN, OIC, the United States, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates against the draconian measures of the Modi government in IOK which has been turned into a gigantic prison with a strict curfew, complete information blockade, and use of brute force against its people since August 5.

“Pakistan has achieved significant diplomatic success as a result of its concerted campaign,” the official said. “Conversely, India has failed in its diplomatic effort to justify its illegal steps as international and regional players are unwilling to buy its narrative,” he added.

The Modi government is said to be under mounting pressure to lift the curfew and take steps to normalise the situation in the disputed territory. The PTI government is hopeful that its diplomatic effort would lead to more pressure on New Delhi.

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